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Press release

First works contract signed for Urziceni city

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Project no. CCI 2007 RO 161 PR 003 "Extension and rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems in Calarasi county".

Wednesday, 11/11/2009, was signed the first works contract for Urziceni city, within the project no. CCI 2007 RO 161 PR 003 "Extension and rehabilitation of water and wastewater systems in Calarasi County", financed by the European Union Cohesion Fund, under the Environment Sectoral Operational Programme, namely the contract for "Extension and rehabilitation of the water intake and the water treatment plant in Urziceni city ". The works contract was signed by Mr. Eng. Iorgovici Claudiu, CEO of SC ECOAQUA SA Calarasi, as beneficiary of the project, and Mr. Pedro Alfonso Navarro Navarro, on behalf of PEYBER HISPANICA SL, leader of the association PEYBER HISPANICA SL / TECNICAS DE DESALINIZACION de Aguas SA, as the entrepreneur.

The contract value is 21,884,500 lei, without VAT, out of which 81.84% is financing by the European Union Cohesion Fund, 12.52% by the State Budget, 1.93% by the Urziceni city`s Local Budget and 3.72% by SC ECOAQUA SA`s budget.

Duration of contract is 18.5 months, with Defects Notification Period of minimum 12 months / max 24 months from the date of issue of the Taking-Over Certificate, until the fulfillment of the contractual requirements and the compliance with the guaranteed operating costs.

Conditions of Contract applied  are the "Design and execution of contract terms," ​​according to international regulations and national legislation.

The object of the contract: 30 new wells, including the hydraulic system for the transport of the water to the treatment plant, construction of a new water treatment plant, construction of a new water pumping station, including storage space, implementation of the SCADA system, including the entire water supply system: sources, adduction, reservoirs, water treatment, water pumping, water distribution, administrative building, laboratory, dispatching, Annexes.

The main results expected from implementing the contract:

-Ensuring compliance with the national and European legislation in the transitional periods agreed between Romania and the European Union, for the environment sector;

- Increased security of the supply of drinking water and ensuring the quality of the drinking water provided to the entire population of Urziceni city.




Project Manager- Eng. Mircea Toma

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  Water Sewerage
Călăraşi 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Lehliu-Gară 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
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Budeşti 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Fundulea 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Urziceni 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3

excluding VAT