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CW10 - "Extension and rehabilitation of the water supply and sewerage networks including wastewater pumping stations in Budesti and Oltenita cities"

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Contract conditions used: 

"Conditions of Contract for Plant Design-Build" in accordance with international regulations and national legislation.

Contract description: 

Works Contract No.3185/29.07.2010 , concluded between SC ECOAQUA SA Calarasi and SC ENERGOCONSTRUCTIA FILIALA BUCURESTI SA
Contract Value: 13.266.717,94 lei, excl. VAT.
Commencement Date: 16.08.2010
Contract Duration: 17.7 months until 10.02.2012 with Defects Notification Period of 12 months minimum.
Contract terminated on 16.08.2012.
Contract value on the date of termination: 8.580.070,37 lei, excl. VAT.

The Project: 

Replacement and extension of 16 km water supply networks and 12 km. sewerage networks, construction of 2 sewage pumping stations in Budesti together with the rehabilitation of 2 existing wastewater pumping stations in Oltenita municipality, SCADA monitoring system, supply of pressure jetting tanker, sludge suction tanker and water meters.


Central cashier
Str. Progresului, bl. BBB, et. 3
"5 Călăraşi" cashier
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. C17, parter
"Orizont" cashier 
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. I36, parter
ECOAQUA SA cashier schedule:
» Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 16.00
» Friday: 8.00 - 13.30

Dispatch Office

SC ECOAQUA SA maintains a 24-hour dispatch facility to which any faults in the water supply or sewerage networks can be reported.
» Olteniţa 0242/515.736 (tel./fax)
» Călăraşi 0242/313.720
» Urziceni 0243/254.721 (fax), 0243/254.722 (tel.)


  Water Sewerage
Călăraşi 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Lehliu-Gară 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Olteniţa 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Budeşti 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Fundulea 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Urziceni 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3

excluding VAT