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SC1 - "Technical assistance for project management"

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Contract description: 


The updated final contract value is 7.304.466,67 lei, excluding VAT.

Commencement date: 20.10.2008.

Contract period: 51.8 months, giving a completion date of 08.02.2013.

The Project: 

Technical assistance for project management activities, provided in the contract:

Activity 1 - Project management support: The contractor has provided support in order to achieve the obligations under the financing contract: wrote procedure manuals – Investment-Contracts Department, insured the training for the staff, in contract management, prepared for the Investment-Contracts Department – a system for monitoring, reporting and archiving,  prepared a pricing strategy for the operator, an asset management plan, operating and maintenance manuals of the investments, provided assistance in conducting procurement procedures and managing the contracts and the project (in terms of technical, financial, fiscal, legal and institutional).

Activity 2 Implementation of GIS systems for water and waste water networks in the 6 urban areas: For this activity, there were purchased information systems for the water and waste watre networks (programs, applications, equipment), data and information on existing networks was identified and recovered, databases networks for the water supply and sewage networks were established and developed, and also procedures for their use, a GIS department was established within the operator and staff training was conducted; also , the provider supported the GIS department in order to accomplish tasks and duties, as well as in solving the difficulties.

Activity 3 - Develop a modern hydraulic system for the modeling of water supply networks in the six urban areas: Equipment and hydraulic modeling programs were purchased, staff training was conducted, there were developed maps and hydraulic models, which were then calibrated using measured flow data; procedures were created for the use and developing of the hydraulic models; also, the provider supported the staff in order to accomplish tasks and duties, as well as in solving the difficulties encountered.

Activity 4 - Development of an efficient management of water leak detection in distribution networks in the six urban areas: Mobile equipment for the leak detection in water supply networks was purchased, a theoretical and practical training of the staff was performed, and there were developed and implemented strategies to achieve an efficient management of leak detection and losses reduction; also, the provider supported the staff in order to accomplish tasks and duties, as well as in solving the difficulties encountered.

Activity 5 - Management of industrial wastewater: The provider supported the beneficiary through the development and implementation of action plans and strategies to ensure the management of industrial wastewater treatment process, their efficiency and strict quality monitoring of the influent.

Activity 6 - Management of the sludge and residues: Provider updated the sludge strategy, conducted analyzes of the resulting sludge in waste water treatment plants and supported beneficiary for signing contracts with agricultural operators ( on buying the resulting sludge ) and with the appropriate authorities on sludge reuse in agriculture, or its submission to the landfills.

Activity 7 - Campaign for the advertising and promotion of the project: It was developed an action plan for a campaign of promotion and advertising of the project, a website for the operator was created, containing information about the project, a strategy to ensure the provision of information was prepared, as well as a proposal for the"Success Story"  brochure. Also, the provider supported the beneficiary in informing the local population about the progress of contracts, implementation and project status; in this regard were issued press releases on the signing / reception of the contracts, project status, conducting advertising campaigns; also, materials to promote and advertise the project were purchased, imprinted with information about the project, in accordance with the Visual Identity Manual, and media campaigns on the project and it`s outcomes were conducted.

Activity 8- Master Plan Update: The existing Master Plan was updated, for the entire operating area of the beneficiary (including Urziceni city and surrounding areas), in accordance with the national legislation in force, and with the guide in the field, published by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Changes.

The contract was completed in November 2013, after the Provider remedied all the observations made by the Beneficiary. Physical progress of implementation is 100% and the implementation stage value is 100%; payments amount is 7.304.466,67 lei, excluding VAT.

Difficulties encountered: The termination of some work contracts, required the extension of technical assistance contract execution, in order to realize completely all the specific activities under the contract. 


The procurement procedure was launched in May 2008 with the publication of the tender notice in SEAP no. 53023/22.05.2008 and in OJEC no. 2008/S100 - 134833/25.05.2008. Closing date forreceipt of completed tenders was 16.07.2008.

After a proper evaluation, the winning tenderer was announced as JENNINGS O’DONOVAN AND PARTNERS – IRLANDA and SC TRACTEBEL, PROJECT MANAGERS, ENGINEERS & CONSULTANTS(TRAPEC SA) – ROMANIA (Consortium), with a tender amount of 6 869 135, ecluding VAT. However,challenges against this result were made to CNSC by MOTT MACDONALD LIMITED UK and SC IBERICADE ESTUDIOS E INGENIERIA SA (IBERINSA) MADRID – BUCHAREST BRANCH.

By Decision no. 4285/218 C10/3721,3779 dated 17.09.2008, CNSC rejected the challenges made by MOTT MACDONALD LIMITED UK and SC IBERICA DE ESTUDIOS E INGENIERIA SA (IBERINSA) MADRID - BUCHAREST BRANCH. No further challenges were made against this decision and after the expiry ofthe appeals notification period, the contract was concluded with the winning tenderer.


Central cashier
Str. Progresului, bl. BBB, et. 3
"5 Călăraşi" cashier
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. C17, parter
"Orizont" cashier 
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. I36, parter
ECOAQUA SA cashier schedule:
» Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 16.00
» Friday: 8.00 - 13.30

Dispatch Office

SC ECOAQUA SA maintains a 24-hour dispatch facility to which any faults in the water supply or sewerage networks can be reported.
» Olteniţa 0242/515.736 (tel./fax)
» Călăraşi 0242/313.720
» Urziceni 0243/254.721 (fax), 0243/254.722 (tel.)


  Water Sewerage
Călăraşi 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Lehliu-Gară 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Olteniţa 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Budeşti 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Fundulea 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Urziceni 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3

excluding VAT