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SC2 - "Technical assistance for works supervision"

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Contract description: 

Service contract no. 492/30.03.2009 was signed between ECOAQUA SA Calarasi and HILL INTERNATIONAL SA, the leader of HILL INTERNATIONAL SA Luxemburg & HILL ROMANIA SRL association .

The updated contract value is 15.579.534,92 lei, excluding VAT.

The commercement order for the works supervision contract was issued on 10th of June 2009.

Contract period is 103 months, giving a completion date of 31.12.2017.

The Project: 

Technical Assistance for Works Supervision with the following activities:

  1. Activities during preconstruction phase;
  2. Activities during contractor mobilization;
  3. Activities during performance;
  4. Activities during reception of completed works;
  5. Activities during defects notification period;
  6. Activities at the completion of works contracts.

Progress to date is 99,94%, with payments amounting to 14.025.295,42 Lei ex. VAT, equal to 90,14% of the contract value.

The engineer provided technical assistance for the supervision of the contracts CW1, CW2, CW3, CW4, CW5, CW6, CW7, CW8, CW9, CW10 and CW11. Documents presented have been tested in terms of compliance with Romanian laws and contractual conditions.

Difficulties encountered: The termination of some  works contracts required the extension with 41 months of the execution period, and the increase with 2.758.374,03  lei of the value of the technical assistance contract, in order to supervise all the remaining works of the project.


The procurement procedure was launched in July 2008 with the publication of the tender notice in SEAP no. 59229/23.07.2008 and in OJEU no. 2008/S143-192243/25.07.2008.Closing date for receipt of completed tenders was 16.07.2008. Challenges against the tender documentation were then made by OVE ARUP & PARTNERS Ltd. (London), based in Bucharest and SC SEPTEMBRIE CONSULTING SRL with headquarters in Bucharest. By Decision no. 4153/197C10/3891,3967 dated 10.09.2008, CNSC ruled to cancel the open tender procedure used.

After revision of the tender documentation by CES Consulting Engineers Salzgitter GmbH (general designer) and SC ECOAQUA SA, the tender procedure was relaunched with the publication in SEAP no. 66905/23.10.2008 and in OJEU no.2008/S208-276949/25.10.2008, with a closing date of 15.12.2008. Tenders were duly opened and 5 offers were received. After a proper evaluation, the winning tenderer was announced as HILL INTERNATIONALSA & HILL ROMANIA SRL, with a tender amount of 11,056,234, 57 lei, excluding VAT. On 30.01.2009, a challenge was made by MVV Decon GmbH & INOCSA INGENIERIA SL, against the method of selection of the winning tenderer and against the notification of the outcome. By Decision no. 590/C9/319/10.02.2009, CNSC upheld the challenge and ordered the annulation of the evaluation report and the notification of the result. The tender evaluation committee then remade both the evaluation report and the notification of the result, detailing the scoring criteria and the scoring achieved by each tenderer. The result was then notified to all tenderers and a new deadline was established for the conclusion of the contract with the winning tenderer, HILL INTERNATIONAL SA & HILL ROMANIA SRL.


Central cashier
Str. Progresului, bl. BBB, et. 3
"5 Călăraşi" cashier
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. C17, parter
"Orizont" cashier 
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. I36, parter
ECOAQUA SA cashier schedule:
» Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 16.00
» Friday: 8.00 - 13.30

Dispatch Office

SC ECOAQUA SA maintains a 24-hour dispatch facility to which any faults in the water supply or sewerage networks can be reported.
» Olteniţa 0242/515.736 (tel./fax)
» Călăraşi 0242/313.720
» Urziceni 0243/254.721 (fax), 0243/254.722 (tel.)


  Water Sewerage
Călăraşi 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Lehliu-Gară 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Olteniţa 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Budeşti 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Fundulea 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Urziceni 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3

excluding VAT