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SC8-Review of the technical project and tender documentation for the works contract CW10

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Contract conditions used: 


Contract description: 

Service contract no. 1883/04.06.2013

Contractor: Bucharest Technical University of Civil Engineering 

Contract value: 55.627,00 lei, excl. VAT 

Commencement date: 04.06.2013 

Execution time: 2 months, up to 03.08.2013- the contract is completed.

The Project: 

Object of the contract: Review of the technical project (technical specifications, specification - list) for the execution of the works to the water supply and sewerage systems in Budesti and Oltenita cities, representing the rest of the remaining works under the works contract CW10 "Extension and rehabilitation of the water supply and sewerage networks including wastewater pumping stations in Budesti and Oltenita cities ".


Central cashier
Str. Progresului, bl. BBB, et. 3
"5 Călăraşi" cashier
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. C17, parter
"Orizont" cashier 
Prelungirea Bucureşti, bl. I36, parter
ECOAQUA SA cashier schedule:
» Monday - Thursday: 8.00 - 16.00
» Friday: 8.00 - 13.30

Dispatch Office

SC ECOAQUA SA maintains a 24-hour dispatch facility to which any faults in the water supply or sewerage networks can be reported.
» Olteniţa 0242/515.736 (tel./fax)
» Călăraşi 0242/313.720
» Urziceni 0243/254.721 (fax), 0243/254.722 (tel.)


  Water Sewerage
Călăraşi 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Lehliu-Gară 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Olteniţa 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Budeşti 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Fundulea 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3
Urziceni 3,25 lei/m3 2,78 lei/m3

excluding VAT